Small Group and Personal Training










Do you have a small group you like to train with or just can’t find a course or training partners that fit your schedule? Are you looking for major improvement and feel you would benefit from specific one on one training?

We have the answer!

 Get training that is laser directed towards improving your knowledge and skills!

 Intended Target Audience:           Suitable for all law abiding citizens over the age of 21


Small group or personal training focuses on the scheduling and training needs of our clients. Over the years, we have had many students come in for either one on one coaching or with a small group of friends and family. We are able to cater to these needs in our small group and personal training classes.

 We generally do these classes during the week. Monday – Friday. There are some weekends available but these are strictly limited.


 Our private training locations include the Denver area, Montrose, CO and Raton, NM.


 Our rates are based on numbers and the type of training you are looking for. Please call for details.

You will Need:       

We will send a detailed list of what you will need to have for the course. We can provide ammunition packages and rentals if required.