Colorado Concealed Carry

4 -6 hours classroom

6-8 hours range time


 As threat levels increase in our society, many adults are now committed to getting their CO Concealed Weapons permit. However, the level of training required to get the permit is very minimal. Some courses are classroom only while others teach bare basics of handling and shooting only.

We believe our Colorado Concealed Carry course gives you more of what you are truly looking for than any other course.

Our course represents the essential elements of what you need to have to both obtain your permit and gain a true understanding of the skills required to successfully to save your life or that of others. This course serves as a foundation to more advanced levels of training in the future.

 Ammunition:                                    150 Rounds (can bring more!)

 Intended Target Audience:          

Adults who have a legal right to possess a handgun. Student should be familiar with their handgun and have a reasonable shooting base. If you have no experience with a handgun, we recommend taking our NRA Basic Pistol course to gain familiarity first.


Our Colorado Concealed Carry Course focuses on training the responsible adult for concealed carry with the handgun. It is designed for those that have had some foundational training or experience with the handgun.

Our professional instructors will teach you how to handle, store, maintain and use your handgun responsibly, safely and with skill. Learn what it takes to prepare yourself mentally and height adjustable standing desk for the most common forms of deadly force situations should you need to defend your life. Learn both the tactics and the mindset necessary to control your opponent and your environment.

The course will provide both classroom and range work and will focus on providing highly relevant information as well as a higher level of skill in the following areas:

Classroom lecture will include:

  • Concealed carry an you
  • Firearms safety rules, safe handling of firearms, care, maintenance, storage and carry modes for your firearm.
  • Legal information on the laws pertaining to use of force and other relevant issues
  • Use of force continuum
  • Mental preparation and conditioning for lethal force
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment
  • Decision making skills
  • Tactical principles for defensive shooting

Live-fire exercises on the range include:

  • Firearms safety in dynamic situations
  • Loading and unloading the handgun safely
  • Fundamentals of the combat grip, shooting platform, combat sighting techniques, defensive trigger control with shooting drills
  • Concealed carry methods and drawing skills
  • combat reloading – speed and tactical
  •  basic close quarter shooting; one handed and two handed.
  •  basic weapon retention.
  • Emergency clearing of malfunctions
  • Threat evaluation and risk assessment
  • Proper threat management using verbal and non-verbal techniques for containment
  • Tactical sequencing and immediate action drills
  • Using cover effectively and safe movement with the firearm
  • Shooting drills for lethal force situations
  • Tactical training and live fire drills are conducted in a realistic manner to reinforce good habits. Verbal skills and tactics will be used when appropriate. There will be demonstrations and some simulations to reinforce use of force decision making.

Prerequisites:        Basic familiarity with the handgun

You will Need:        Handgun with 150 rounds of ammunition, 1 spare magazine or speed loader, eye and ear protection, suitable holster that covers the trigger guard, sturdy belt that holds the holster firmly, clothing to suit the weather.