SIG SAUER Patrol Rifle Instructor

Duration: 5 days / 40 hours  
Abstract:Become a more effective instructor and enhance your individual rifle skills and proficiency in this comprehensive course developed for the armed professional. Areas of concentration include tactical marksmanship development, analysis and coaching of shooters and close quarter battle techniques. Students who successfully complete the course will receive an instructor certification valid for three years in the use and instruction of both rifle caliber shoulder weapons and pistol caliber carbines.Overview

  • Instructor Development:
  • Instructional Methods – specific to long term retention of material
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Course of Fire Development – Realistic, Applicable, and Safe
  • Analysis and Coaching of Shooters
  • Selection and Applications of law enforcement rifles, ammunition, and equipment
  • Technical and Tactical Information useful for policy and training plan formulation
  • Tactical Marksmanship Development:
  • Fundamentals of both tactical and precision shooting
  • Proper zeroing procedures for law enforcement and urban applications
  • Techniques for loading, reloading, stoppage clearance, and unloading
  • Multiple Techniques for transition from rifle to pistol
  • Tactical Movement Techniques (pivots and turns, moving linear/lateral/diagonal)
  • Selection and Utilization of Cover and Concealment
  • Courses of Fire with induced stress or special situations
  • Close Quarters Battle Techniques and Extreme Close Quarters Shooting Techniques
  • Emergency Refunction Techniques (one handed/disabled methods, shooting and reloading)
  • Operational Tactics, Selection and Use of Special Equipment (lights and sighting systems) and Techniques for Diminished Light (with and without special equipment)
  • Select Fire Familiarization
  • Interactive Training, utilizing Simunitions Fx( marking cartridges
  • Scenario Driven Training (applicable to high risk situations, active shooter situations, etc.)
Prerequisites Law Enforcement Only
Notes 1000 round of rifle/carbine and 250 rounds non-toxic frangible handgun ammunition is required. Ammunition is available for sale at the SIG SAUER Academy.Tuition Includes:
• All Simunition Fx marking cartridges
• Course Manual
• 20% discount on purchases at SIG Sauer Pro Shop made during the course.
• 20% discount on your next course if you register during this course .(Guest Instructor training courses excluded)