PSA – Advanced Shooter Analysis and Remediation

3 Days


Failure to qualify or generally poor performance leads to an enormous waste of time, money and resources for an agency that could be better used elsewhere. Failure to diagnose problems correctly, improper remediation strategies, incorrect advice or useless drills only compound the problem.

Factor in instructor and shooter frustration and qualification courses that never evolve because the lowest common denominator can’t rise any higher and you have a formula for stagnation and burnout.

It doesn’t have to stay that way! Learn new ways to successfully bring shooter performance up to higher levels.

This course will apply to shooting at all levels of performance!

Ammunition:                       750 rounds recommended

Target Audience:

Must be a certified law enforcement firearms instructor and a full time member of that agency to attend.


Over the past 30 years, Ron Avery has researched and pioneered new scientific methodology to aid firearms trainers to understand the process of shooting a firearm, develop uniform analytical and reporting methodologies and develop effective remediation strategies as well as build objective fairness into the process should further action need to be taken.

Using our advanced analytical techniques and methodology, this seminar will cover the principles involved in analyzing shooter performance and strategies to enhance performance.


  • The Skills Hierarchy
  • Common shooting problems
  • Understanding the flinch response
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Performance analysis and assessment
  • Terminology for uniform reporting
  • Understanding the shooting cycle
  • Diagnosing and pinpointing the problem
  • Principles of control
  • The shooting grip – testing and assessment/drills for improvement
  • Sight Alignment/Sight Picture and Use of the Visual Field/Common Problems
  • The Shooting Platform/ Testing and assessment/Exercises and drills for improvement.
  • Instructor Development – Developing effective remediation programs
  • The interaction of the conscious mind, subconscious mind and self image
  • Beliefs and Value Systems and their effect on performance
  • Stress acclimatization for long term performance
  • Principles of trigger control and manipulation
  • Drawing skills/ The S.A.F.E. Series/Analysis and remediation of common errors.
  • Instructor Development – Managing the remedial shooter/Goal setting and accountability
  • Kinesthetic learning skills
  • Remediation strategies – How long? How often? How much?
  • Skills in action – Position Shooting – Barricade/Kneeling/ 15 and 25 yards
  • Prone shooting – Understanding the errors
  • Instructor development – Remediation drills and exercises to build performance

Recommended Equipment List:

• Quality Semi-Auto Pistol suitable for shooting a lot of rounds without undue discomfort.
• Duty type holster
• Wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses
• Earmuffs and/or earplugs.