PSA PRO TEAM Member Keith Garcia Wins the 3 Gun Nation Shootoff!

By Ron Avery


Congratulations are in order for PSA PRO TEAM Member Keith Garcia! Keith went down to Arizona to compete in the Superstition Mountain 3 Gun event. He did very well there, finishing 6th overall. This qualified him to compete in the 3 gun nation shootoff, a separate event featuring some of the top stars of 3 gunning. Keith took down all comers, including 10 time multi-gun champion Michael Voight and won the event! 

Keith earned a $5000 paycheck from this event! 

Congratulations Keith! I know the preparation you put into this event and it looks like it paid off for you! 

We use competition as a way of improving our performance both on the range and out in the field. The same skill, drive and dedication to excelling at what we do makes us better performers when it counts. While the prizes are a nice touch, being able to deliver, when it counts, is priceless!

Keith shooting the handgun portion of the 3 Gun Nation shootoff

Keith also won a check for $5000! Gotta like that! Way to go Keith!

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  1. TJMax says:

    Zip Zam Zoom!

    Way to go Keith!

  2. Michael Beam says:

    Congratulations. Way to go.
    Love that Check!!!

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