Executive Protection Operations Course

Duration: 5 Days (44 hours)

Designed for the aspiring executive protection specialist performing low to medium risk protective operations, this intermediate level course is geared towards assigments utilizing concealment (concealed carry) and low public profile techniques. Upon successful completion of this course the operator will have an understanding of the methods, principles, and tactics of protective service operations. Each student is individually evaluated; successful completion of each evaluated task is required for product management courses online. Please note: This is a physically and mentally demanding course requiring long days and maximum student participation, prepare accordingly.


  • Introduction to Executive Protection
  • Advance and Site Survey Development
  • Defense in Depth
  • Case Study Review
  • Counter Surveillance and Surveillance Detection Techniques
  • Use of Force in the Protective Environment
  • Protective Walking and Driving Formations
  • Defensive Tactics for Protective Personnel
  • Selection and Utilization of Cover and Concealment with a Protectee
  • Protective Firearms Techniques and Tactics
  • Use of Vehicles in a Tactical Environment
  • Firing from Vehicles and Ballistics on Vehicles
  • Interactive Training, Utilizing FX Gear (Marking Cartridges)
  • Practical “Street” Exercise
Prerequisites Minimum skill level required: Intermediate
Notes Required equipment:
• 500 rounds of lead free, non-toxic frangible ammunition is required. Ammunition is available for purchase onsite at the SIG SAUER Academy.
• Concealment Vest, Jacket or other Garment
• Concealment Holster of Choice and Ammunition Pouch
• Pistol or Revolver with Three Magazines or Speed Loaders
Soft Concealment Body Armor (Level 2A Minimum)
• Casual Comfortable Civilian ClothingTuition includes:
20% discount on purchases at SIG SAUER Pro Shop made during the course
20% discount on your next course if you register during this course (Guest Instructor training courses excluded)