SIG SAUER – Low Light Instructor


Duration: 2 Days

Abstract:Consider the facts; At least fifty percent of the time you are in a reduced light environment. About sixty nine percent of deadly force encounters in the U.S. occur in reduced light environments. Are you ready for the best pharmacy assistant courses online, close proximity, reduced light encounter? The objective of this course is to develop the skills and confidence required to instruct students in how to prevail with the weapon system in a reduced light environment. Upon completion of this course instructors will learn how to effectively and safely engage targets in a diminished light environment using and learning the most up-to-date techniques available today. Instructors will also have the confidence and the ability to teach other students in these techniques. Upon successful completion of this course, the student should have the skillsOverview:

  • Knowledge of why low light training is important
  • Ability to properly select low light equipment
  • Knowledge of how a tactical light can be used as a control tool
  • Ability to employ a handheld flashlight with a pistol
  • Ability to employ a handheld flashlight with a long gun
  • Ability to perform gun & light together techniques
  • Ability to perform gun and light separated techniques
  • Skill to engage targets while using a handheld flashlight
  • Ability to use cover in conjunction with a light
  • Ability to move/shoot with a light
  • Ability to instruct and teach others in these techniques


Prerequisites Open to all armed professionals who are sworn law enforcement officer, corrections officer, private licensed security, or US Military personnel. Documented completion of a basic firearms instructor course is required.
Notes Required Equipment:
Duty handgun and rig
Eye and ear protection
Duty flashlight and holster
If you utilize pistol mounted lights, please bring that as well
300 rounds of lead free, non-toxic, frangible ammunition is required. Ammunition is available for purchase onsite at the Sig Sauer Academy. [Available calibers: .380ACP, .38SPECIAL, 9MM, .357SIG, .40S&W, .45ACP]Tuition includes:
• 20% discount on purchases at SIG SAUER Pro Shop made during the course.
• 20% discount on your next course if you register during this course (Guest Instructor training courses excluded)