Advanced Competition Handgun


Don’t miss this opportunity to take your competitive shooting to the next level! Join world class performance coach and shooter Ron Avery in his world class competitive shooting course!

One of the top Plata competitive shooting courses in the world for performance based training. This course will focus on pushing performance boundaries into the higher levels of mastery in competitive shooting. Skill levels will be adjusted to higher end skills training, performance and execution as well as match/stage analysis and strategy.

Ammunition   2000 Rounds

Intended Target Audience:

 Current C Class or above. All Divisions (Open, Limited, Production etc.) are welcome to attend.


Current C Class Competitor or above in USPSA/IPSC/IDPA.


Do you ever wonder why the same individuals show up again and again in the top group of shooters in the world? What do they know and do that you are not doing? Stop wasting time and find out in our competition courses!

In this course we push the performance envelope and of the top level professional shooter. You will work hard, you will be challenged to perform and you will ultimately change both your beliefs and your self-image about what is possible and what you can do as a shooter and a performer.

We will focus on a comprehensive, goal oriented plan for improvement on the following aspects of competition:

Grip, platform, training the visual field and visual processing , kinesthetic awareness, trigger management, elements of shooting, drawing skills, reloading skills, shooting on the move, multiple targets,  multi-tasking of skills and more.

Mental Skills:

The conscious mind, subconscious mind and the self image, developing and improving focus and concentration. Mental preparation and conditioning for competition. Peak Performance Principles


Analyzing stages, making the plan, contingency planning, planning to win.


Training for performance. Class specific training. Open, vs. Limited vs. Limited 10 vs. Production”
Dry fire and live fire drills. Analyzing performance.

Guns and Gear:


 Developing and tuning the gun for performance. (Open, Limited & Production)

 Lots of tips, practical wisdom and experience to help you increase your match performance and personal satisfaction!

You will need:       2000 rounds of ammunition and the usual equipment you bring to a match. Notebook and pen and clothing to suit the weather. Sunscreen and hat would be advisable.