Long Range Precision Rifle


3 Days


Building on the skills learned in Practical Scoped Rifle 200, we take you into the field and teach you more advanced shooting skills and how to make carpentry online courses under real world conditions of wind, mirage, varying distances, up and down angles and changing temperature and light conditions. We demonstrate and allow students to work with advanced shooting systems and equipment.

Intended Target Audience:       This course is intended for adults that have taken PSA’s Practical Scoped Rifle 200.


Whether you are a hunter, sporting rifle competitor, precision marksman or recreational shooter, this course will build your skills and knowledge in the art of the rifle.

This course is designed to build more advanced skills and fine tune existing skills. Under field conditions, we drill your technique to increase your speed and precision and cut out wasted time and effort. We teach you advanced exterior ballistics and show you how to calibrate your rifle and scope to maximize your hit capability. We will discuss reloading your ammunition for peak performance and using factory ammunition.

You will be shooting more advanced drills and exercises that simulate conditions in the field. Up and down angles, longer distance shooting, rapid assumption of shooting positions, shooting in the wind and first round hits on targets out to 800 yards and beyond.

We will have rifles, ammunition and other new and innovative gear to show you and let you try out during your course.

Students are encouraged to wear the gear they would normally carry in the field.

You will need:      

A rifle that is capable of shooting at least1 MOA with suitable scope that has an adjustable elevation turret, Bring a caliber that will allow you to shoot out to 600 yards with occasional shooting out to 1000 yards. .243, .260, 6.5 X 47 Lapua, .308, 25-06, .270, .30 caliber or similar, 250 rounds of ammo, some sort of spare ammo carrier, either on rifle or belt, eye and ear protection, clothing to suit the weather, small daypack, water bottle, field notebook, sunscreen etc. If you have a range finder, bring it. We will have them for use during the school.

Prerequisites:         Practical Scoped Rifle 200