Close Quarter Handgun


2 Days


The fact that you may carry a firearm does not mean that you are prepared for the totality of a violent assault at close quarters. Simplistic CCW and other firearms courses where they teach you a few moves to repel the attacker and then you go for your gun are NOT ADEQUATE for the extreme duress you may find yourself in with a determined attacker or multiple attackers! 

CCW carriers or anyone who really wants to be prepared for surviving a real world, life and death fight should take this course!

Ammunition:         300 rounds

Intended Target Audience:

This course is intended for armed professionals and CCW carriers as well as those who are interested in realistic self defense training for real life encounters.


Designed for those who carry a handgun, this course moves beyond traditional and mixed martial arts and provides you with very real insights into the dynamics of close quarter situations as well as principles, training and effective countermeasures to help you survive. With the integration of lethal and non-lethal force options, with or without the handgun, we give you that critical edge in a no holds barred close quarter contest. 

We utilize recognized use of force guidelines while offering a greater range of knowledge and skills to effectively defend your life and/or control your ponce inlet fishing charters. We use effective live fire drills and scenario based training combined with inert, training weapons to allow for integration of decision making and tools into the situation.

Live fire shooting from extreme close quarters to 7 yards to help prepare you for the reality of the fight.

Topics Include:

  • Dynamics of close range confrontations
  • Integration of force and use of force options
  • Weapon retention from all positions
  • Dynamic standing and ground defense and active countermeasures to most common attacks
  • Transitions to and from the handgun, back-up weapons etc. at close quarters
  • Close quarter shooting techniques, one- and two-handed from extreme close quarters to 7 yards
  • Re-holstering while defending
  • Transitioning from defensive tactics to firearms skills and back
  • Shooting from the ground and other positions
  • Getting back up from the ground while under assault
  • Carrying secondary and backup weapons, options and techniques of employment, Other topics of interest

You will need:      

Range Work:  A safe, serviceable handgun and concealed carry leather, backup weapons and carry gear, 500 -600 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection and clothing suitable for range.

Mat Work:  A red gun, carry holster, groin protection, mouthpiece and clothing suitable for workout. No deadly weapons allowed for mat work. This means no folding knives, live firearms, etc.

* This course can either be taught with or without live fire depending on weather and range availability. 

Prerequisite:         Must be in good health or have doctor’s permission if suffering from chronic health problem.