Gunfighting for Cops – Carbine

3 Days               


 Early childhood education online courses is a gunfighting courses designed by cops, for cops. It stressed the use of the carbine in the law enforcement mission.

Ammunition:                                    800 Rounds

 Intended Target Audience:           Suitable for law enforcement and other armed professionals, Student should be familiar with their handgun and have a shooting base.


This course is a true gunfighting course designed by cops, for cops. We move beyond the basic shooting and deployment training into true gunfight specific training. You will be put under duress, learn how to manage yourself and your weapon as well as dominate your opponent and your environment, using your carbine as it was designed to be used.

FOF drills will reinforce the skills learned and sharpen your reflexes and processing skills as well.

Training topics and exercises:

  • Mental preparation and conditioning for lethal force
  • Threat assessment and preparations
  • The OODA loop, situational awareness and task focus
  • The latest research and information on lethal force encounters
  • Tactical principles for defensive shooting

Live-fire exercises on the range include:

  • Firearms safety in dynamic situations
  • Threat evaluation and risk assessment
  • Combat zeros for the LE mission
  • Optics, Red Dots and Iron Sights
  • Tactical Shooting Skills – Deployment of the carbine from car, sling, carry and ready positions, shooting platforms, combat sighting techniques, close quarter shooting techniques, etc.
  • Tactical sequencing and immediate action drills
  • Low-light shooting (with and without a flashlight)
  • Using cover effectively and movement with the carbine
  • Dynamic, timed shooting drills for lethal force situations
  • Emergency transitions to iron sights if using optics
  • Emergency transitions to handgun
  • Stoppage reduction drills
  • Tactical engagement and disengagement drills with and without a partner
  • Close quarter shooting, threat management and disengagement and weapon retention with the carbine

Force on Force

  • FOF drills specific to the carbine to train and condition the mind and reflexes for gunfighting.
  • FOF scenarios of likely scenarios you will face on the street with the carbine.

Tactical training and live fire drills are conducted in a realistic manner to reinforce good habits. Verbal skills and tactics will be used when appropriate. There will be simulations to reinforce use of force decision making.

Prerequisites:        A strong base of carbine skills and operation.

You will Need:       

This course is suited to the AR-15 and all its variants as well as similar style weapons such as HK weapons and SIG 556 etc. It should suitable for extended use each day, with at least 3 spare magazines, carriers to hold extra magazine either on the gun, duty belt, rapid deployment pouch, etc., eye and ear protection, suitable sling system, clothing to suit the weather, tactical light for carbine if  you have one.