Defensive Handgun 250


5 Days


 Defensive Handgun 250 is one of our core courses for defensive pistolcraft. We highly recommend this 40 hour course for those that are looking for a strong foundation of knowledge and skill in the defensive use of the handgun.

 Ammunition:                                    1,500 Rounds 

 Intended Target Audience:           Suitable for armed professionals, CCW carriers and students seeking tactical and technical proficiency with a handgun. Student should be familiar with their handgun and have a shooting base.


Defensive Handgun 250 represents a superior training experience for those seeking a firm grounding in defensive handgun skills. The 5 day format allows for a solid foundation of skills and knowledge and provides a suitable base of instruction for future learning.

 Learn how to manage deadly force encounters and conflict. From verbal skills to deadly force intervention, we help you prepare your mind, body and spirit so that you are ready when it happens to you. Our combat shooting skills are world famous and are in use by students world-wide.

Other topics include: 

  • Tactics and strategies for deadly force
  • Mental preparation and conditioning
  • Critical decision making under pressure
  • Use of force considerations
  • Legal consideration
  • Firearms and equipment selection
  • Defensive shooting skills
  • Defensive shooting simulations
  • Tactical searching skills
  • Low light shooting skills
  • Useful accessories
  • Other topics of interest to the practitioner. 

Defensive Handgun 250 gives you five solid days of training: Training lectures, range work, tactical scenarios and simulations, in both low light and daylight along with professional instruction and feedback from our staff allow you to master the skills that will help you prevail in a lethal force environment.   A skills test at the end allows honest feedback on your current skill level and a chance to compare against our database of tactical shooters to see your true level of shooting skill.

Prerequisites:        Introduction to the Handgun, CCW course or similar.

You will Need:        Handgun suitable for extended use each day, at least 4 spare magazines, eye and ear protection, suitable holster or holsters for extended concealed carry and range use, sturdy belt that holds the holster firmly, clothing to suit the weather, tactical flashlight (surefire) if  you have one.