Defensive Carbine 100

2 days

Intended Target Audience:

Armed Professionals and civilians with a base of knowledge in the use of the carbine.


 Introduction to the carbine course or basic familiarity with the carbine.


This course focuses on defending yourself with a carbine in typical urban or rural engagements. We help you grow in a balanced way in knowledge, skill at arms and tactical strategies. It also serves as a stepping stone to our other carbine courses. Our highly experienced instructors will help you understand how and when to deploy the carbine in self defense situations. Our tactical strategies will prepare you for the most likely scenarios you will face. Our superior firearms training methodology will help prepare you to make hits in a timely fashion under high stress conditions.

Topics include:

  • The defensive role of the carbine
  • Use of force protocols when using a carbine
  • Nomenclature of the carbine
  • Understanding the firing cycle
  • Interior, exterior and terminal ballistics
  • Zeroing procedures for urban use
  • Loading, unloading and weapon manipulation skills
  • Caliber and ammunition selection for urban use
  • Principles of tactical marksmanship and reactive shooting
  • Understanding and using the shooting cycle
  • Real world shooting platforms and positions
  • Carry and deployment of the carbine for urban use
  • Iron Sights, Red Dot Sights and other optics
  • Useful accessories and other gear
  • Tactical deployment skills
  • Real world shooting drills and skills
  • Using cover effectively
  • Cover, fire, movement and communication drills
  • Stoppage reductions
  • Cleaning, care, storage and maintenance for optimal performance

Mental Aspects

  • Mental conditioning for deadly force
  • Threat assessment
  • Tactical decision making
  • Situational awareness and task focus

You will need:

Eye and ear protection, carbine suitable for extended shooting each day. At least 2 spare magazines, sling system is desirable, suitable magazine carriers, clothing to suit the weather.