Chuck Remsburg

Co-founder and president (1979-1999) of Calibre Press, Inc., then the leading independent producer of training materials for law enforcement personnel, serving agencies and individual officers in more than 50 countries.

Author of three award-winning textbooks concerned with tactics by which officers can protect themselves physically, legally and emotionally when dealing with high-risk individuals and situations.

These books are:

  • Street Survival: Tactics for Armed Encounters
  • The Tactical Edge: Surviving High-Risk Patrol
  •  Tactics for Criminal Patrol: Vehicle Stops, Drug Discovery and Officer Survival.

These books, with more than 300,000 copies in circulation, are widely used as training texts in college criminal justice courses and law enforcement training academies. Two have been cited before the U.S. Supreme Court as representing the standard by which modern, responsible law enforcement training should be judged.

Associate producer of half a dozen award-winning instructional video productions for law enforcement, including: Deadly Force Decisions I & II, Surviving Edged Weapons, Hostage Officer Survival and Ultimate Survivors. These are believed to be the best-selling training videos ever produced for law enforcement.

Co-founder, co-producer, instructor, scriptwriter for the Street Survival Seminar, a three-day traveling training program for law enforcement personnel. This program has trained more than 200,000 municipal, county, state, federal and special law enforcement officers in appearances throughout the U.S. and Canada, attracting attendees from as far away as Russia, England and Japan.

Co-founder, editor, writer of the first electronic newsletter for law enforcement, the Street Survival Newsline, subscribed to by more than 65,000 officers and agencies in 28 countries.

Recipient of the O.W. Wilson Award for outstanding contributions to law enforcement, from the American Criminal Justice Assn. (1993) and the American Police Hall of Fame Honor Award for distinguished achievement in public service (1993).