PSA – Advanced Handgun Skills Instructor 250


This is the course that a former senior member of the United State Secret Service referred to as the “Gold Standard” of firearms instructor courses. This course is recognized world-wide as one of the top instructor schools for development of instructional and shooting skills performance with a handgun. If you really want to be able to understand, teach and perform firearms skills at a higher level than this is one of the core courses you will need!

In light of the mounting threat of terrorism and officers killed by subjects  in the, you must be prepared to use your handgun as never before and train at distances and speeds beyond traditional thinking if you truly wish to prevail in these extreme circumstances! This course should be required of every law enforcement firearms trainer!

Ammunition: 2,000 Rounds

 Intended Target Audience:

LE/MIL Designated Firearms Instructors with 3 years of instructional experience, a strong base of shooting skills and looking for professional development and program improvement.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our techniques and training methodology have been proven over and over again in law enforcement and military firearms training programs and gunfights for many years now with superior results. Our after action reports by students involved in deadly force encounters state that the shooting they had to perform was just like they did in class. It is not uncommon for our students to report that in actual encounters they were the only ones who made fight-stopping hits even when multiple officers were involved in the shooting.

Open to sworn law enforcement or active duty military firearms instructors only; this is one of the most advanced performance-based instructor schools in the world.We teach the scientific principles and applications involved in high performance tactical shooting for gunfighting. These skills are taught in detail, working up to the speed of a modern day gunfight which is far faster than qualification speed.This course is unique in that the doctrine allows for adaptation into almost any existing program or as a stand-alone course of instruction. This allows you to integrate it into your shooting skills program.Don’t accept imitations or substitutes!  We are one of the original sources of doctrine and methodology for high performance tactical shooting with the handgun and our teaching and training concepts are used all over the world.  If you are truly looking for superior tactical-technical shooting skills under real world conditions then we are one of the original sources for this type of training.Topics include:

  • Firearms Safety Concepts
  • Principles of Adult Learning and Motor Skills Training
  • Principles of High Performance Shooting
  • Reactive Shooting Concepts
  • The Training Cycle
  • The Skills Hierarchy
  • Principles of Control
  • High Performance Grip and Platform
  • Kinesthetic Awareness and Visual Involvement For Maximizing Hit Probability
  • Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and the Visual Field
  • Combat Sighting Techniques and use of the Focal Continuum
  • Trigger Manipulation and Control
  • Threat Positions
  • Threat Acquisition and Engagement
  • S.A.F.E. Series and the Combat Draw
  • Concealed Carry Guns and Deployment
  • Skill Building Drills 1-25 yards– Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Level Drills
  • Movement and Shooting – Relevant Skills and Drills
  • Real World Timings – Tactical/Immediate Action Drills
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Close Quarters Shooting Techniques
  • Tactical Shooting Drills 1 – 25 yards
  • Shooter Analysis and Remediation Strategies
  • Lesson Plan Development for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Training
  • Guns, gear, triggers, sights, ammo and other topics of interest

Prerequisites: THIS IS AN ADVANCED FIREARMS TRAINING PROGRAM!  Students will be required to submit a training/instructional resume and be able to perform a shooting skills test prior to entry to this course. We strongly recommend Advanced Handgun Skills 250 as a base for this course.

You will need: Eye and ear protection, handgun suitable for extended shooting each day and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. You may also bring a backup gun as well. Bring at least 4 spare magazines, duty and off duty carry holster, suitable magazine carriers, and clothing to suit the weather and suitable for concealed carry.