Important Note on Training for Concealed Carry


Knowing how to shoot a handgun and successfully defending your life in a deadly force encounter can be worlds apart. Many people confuse knowing something with being able to do it well under stress where there are severe consequences for failure.  

You may know how to fly an airplane. Can you dogfight with an enemy pilot trying to kill you up there? Consider the fact that most police officers received far more formal training than the average civilian. Yet, in gunfights, the national average of hit probability for law enforcement is 17%!  And this is a hit anywhere! Leg, arm etc.

 The reasons for this is a general lack of preparation and training for the  stress, speed and complexity of deadly force situations. Defensive shooting situations occur very quickly. Shot are being fired as fast as you can blink your eyes, from both sides.

Most CCW courses are designed to satisfy the bare minimum requirements for legal carry. They are not designed to teach you how to fight at the speed of a gunfight. The good news is that, in many situations, having the gun prevents bad things from going further, without you having to shoot.  

But, not always. We don’t get to choose when things happen or how they are going to go. We don’t get to choose our opponent or opponents. Yet, if you wish to survive, you must respond to what is happening; effectively.

 We are not intending to frighten you,; just making sure you have good information with which to make a better decision about training for deadly force.

 We don’t believe in hype, myth or marketing BS.  We don’t do boot camp mentalities or tell war stories about “somewhere far away in a bad land with a bad man” We don’t tell you what we think you want to hear.

 We believe in adult learning and doing things right. We think that you are pretty smart and can figure things out for yourself. What you need is good information along with proper instruction and training to get you where you want to go.

 At the Practical Shooting Academy, our goal is to prepare you for the use of deadly force, should it be needed. We deal with the realities of self defense with firearms and CCW here at home, under our legal system and our way of life.

We are a full time, professional training academy and our programs are currently in use around the world by those who go into harm’s way…..and come back again.

 Many of our students have been in deadly force encounters and report that the training we gave them was an essential element in their survival.  

There are many CCW courses being offered these days. Ours will give you a solid foundation on which to make intelligent decisions and train more effectively. Further, it makes a good training base, should you choose to pursue more advanced training in the future

 You’ll learn a lot and you will have fun doing it!

Thanks for reading!