About PSA

Established in 1989, PSA, Inc. is best known for our scientifically designed, high performance programs. PSA, Inc. has trained thousands of law enforcement, military, security personnel and civilians, educating and supporting them on the principles of world class performance with firearms and the tactical and practical applications of that knowledge.

PSA Mission Statement:
The mission of The Practical Shooting Academy, Inc. is to provide the highest quality practical and tactical training, knowledge and support for those who use firearms; whether for law enforcement or military use, defensive use, competition, hunting or recreational use as well as complementary skills for those activities.

What We Do:

The word, “practical”, defines our philosophy. Our training programs cover the full range of activities where you might use a firearm or other skills, not just competitive shooting programs. Whether you are a law enforcement or military operator having to use these skills in real life, a hunter taking the shot of a lifetime, a CCW carrier having to defend your life in a deadly force situation or a recreational shooter out to enjoy their personal firearm, we have a program that is right for you. We are committed to using what has been proven to work as well as increasing the effectiveness of current methodology. We have many advisors and technical experts that are not listed on our website with plenty of downrange and other experience to assist us in providing up to date training.

Never content with resting on our laurels, we intensively research, develop and test our training methodology using our advisors and technical experts and the best principles of motor learning and behavior, combat and sports psychology, adult education principles, kinesiology, physics and bio-mechanics as practiced at the Olympic Training Center and other places.

This along with our many years of experience is what we bring to the training table. Our instructors are all recognized experts in their respective fields. We keep our technical and tactical skills on the cutting edge of development to insure you are receiving the up-to-date information and training.

The benefit to you is methodology that has not only stood the test of time but is cutting edge in terms of effectiveness. Our proven methodology and doctrine has been adopted into countless individual and organizational training programs over the years with more following suit as time goes on. We are one of the original sources for high performance shooting and our doctrine is being used worldwide by a wide variety of clientele. PSA training methods, drills and exercises are used as models for training all over the world.

Bigger is not always better!
What makes us stand out from our competition is our world class teaching with emphasis on high performance and attention to detail. Smaller classes, lots of shooting,  personalized coaching by staff,  ample time for learning all add up to MORE VALUE for your money!

We offer courses that meet the needs of a variety of users, from beginners to experts. We offer professional instruction and certification courses for law enforcement that meet both individual and departmental needs. We have the highest standards in the industry for instructor level courses as well as expert witness capability on a variety of “use of force” topics.

We also support you after the course in a variety of ways.  We are not so big that you can’t call us on the phone or email us with your questions or comments.

Onsite and off site programs:
Our main onsite programs take place at the NRA Whittington Center. Located near Raton, NM this 33,000 acre facility offers a variety of ranges: Pistol ranges, 100, 500 and 1,000 ranges, shotgun ranges, a modern classroom, very affordable housing and cafeteria as well as kitchens in each housing facility. We travel and teach off-site in our mobile training programs. Call for details.