Executive Protection Tactics Course

Duration: 3 days (24 hours)  

This course is designed for the executive protection specialist who wants to enhance tactical skills for job. The course will focus on dynamic firearms and tactics drills specific to executive protection work. The drills will pertain to (CONUS based) low, medium, and high risk protective operations utilizing concealment and low public profile techniques. This course is based off of current federal and military Protective Service Courses. The techniques and tactics covered are proven effective within federal and military agencies. This course is a must for the online bookkeeping courses canada. This is a physically and mentally demanding course requiring long days and maximum student participation, prepare accordingly. Each student is individually evaluated; successful completion of each evaluated task is required for course credit.


  • Use of Force in the Protective Environment
  • Protective Walking and Driving Formations
  • Defensive Tactics for Protective Personnel
  • Selection and Utilization of Cover and Concealment with a Protectee
  • Protective Firearms Techniques and Tactics
  • Use of Vehicles in a Tactical Environment
  • Firing from Vehicles and Ballistics on Vehicles
  • Interactive Training, Utilizing FX Gear (Marking Cartridges)
Prerequisites All attendees must provide documented completion of a basic handgun course from a recognized establishment/agency to the SIG SAUER Academy prior to the course start date.
Notes Ammunition Requirement:
A minimum of 700 rounds of pistol ammunition is required to be provided by the student. Your issued or owned weapon must provide both non-toxic, lead-free frangible ammunition and full metal jacket for the course. All students will be notified of any specific equipment requirements upon successful acceptance into the course.
Equipment List:

• Concealment Vest, Jacket or other Garment
• Concealment Holster of Choice and Ammunition Pouch
• 700 Rounds of Frangible/Non-Toxic Pistol Ammunition
• 10 Rounds of FMJ Pistol Ammunition
• Quality Pistol with Three Magazines or Speed Loaders
• Soft Concealment Body Armor (Level 2A Minimum)
• Casual Comfortable Civilian Clothing