SIG SAUER – Rangemaster

Duration: 5 days / 40 hours     
Abstract: Expand your knowledge base and operational efficiency in areas relating to officer survival, program management, and range operations. Our Range Master program provides both technical and management material needed by a range master or advanced level instructor to administer an effective firearms program. The program also includes tactical skills development in specialized areas needing more emphasis in modern police and security training, which are segments that draw from many of the specialized courses taught by the SIG SAUER Academy. Overview

  • Range Operations Seminar
  • Firing Range Development and Designs
  • Firearms Training Facilities
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Considerations (EPA/OSHA)
  • Shooter Performance Analysis And Improvement
  • Why Shooters Fail and Diagnosing Shooting Problems
  • Methodology for Improving Shooter Performance
  • Coaching-Duties, Positions, and Guidelines
  • Range Exercises-Individual Skill Development with Coach (dry and live fire)
  • Ammunition Seminar
  • Duty Ammunition Performance Criteria and Trends
  • Selection, Evaluation, and Testing Protocols
  • Guidelines for Shipping and Storage
  • Firearms Identification And Forensics Seminar
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques
  • Training Program Management Seminar
  • Training Program Requirements and Defensibility
  • Evaluating Agency Training Criteria
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Introduction to Computerized Range Tracking Systems
  • Relevant Course of Fire Design Using Critical Incident Review
  • Concealed Carry For The Professional
  • Officer Survival Tactics In Diminished Light
  • Guidelines for Selecting Diminished Light Equipment
  • Operational Techniques for Diminished Light-Ambient Light
  • Searching Techniques
  • Handgun-Flashlight Techniques
  • Interactive Use of Force Training
Prerequisites Minimum skill level required: Advanced
Must have attended a previous 1-week firearms instructor course from a national recognized teaching institution or police academy.
Notes Tuition includes:
• All Simunition Fx marking cartridges
• Range Master Course Manual
• 20% discount on SIG Pro Shop merchandise
• 20% discount on any Academy course that you sign up for prior to leaving this course