Urban Carbine 2


2 Days


This course is designed to move into the operational role of the carbine with a strong emphasis on operator skill development and mental conditioning in dynamic situations and circumstances. Selected force on force exercises put the operator in the fight.

 Ammunition:                                     750 – 1000 rounds

 Intended Target Audience:               Advanced Level

Armed Professionals, Civilians with a strong base of knowledge in the use of the carbine.


Urban Carbine 2 picks up where Urban Carbine 1 finishes. There will be a strong emphasis on operator skills in dynamic situations and circumstances.

There will be a range of selected exercises and shooting drills. Search tactics – https://ca-courses.com/courses/property-management/ and outdoors along with room entries and rapid deployment strategies and exercises will also be part of the curriculum.

Drill times will be adjusted to reflect a higher level of shooting skills for gunfight situations. Force on force training will give you the feeling of being “in the fight” and bring the operator to a new level of mental conditioning and awareness.


 Urban Carbine 1 or similar. Call before applying if you are not sure.

 You will need:           

 Eye and ear protection, carbine suitable for extended shooting each day. At least 3 spare magazines, suitable magazine carriers, clothing to suit the weather.