Some Feedback on Lasik Corrective Surgery

By Ron Avery

Many of our firearms training clients are getting lasik correction on their eyes as an alternative to glasses. Many have had excellent results and some have needed some correction after the fact. I will share with you some feedback from Ron W, a student and friend, on his procedure.

“Had an observation I thought I’d share with you. During exams at follow up visits, acquity is always tested. “Read the smallest line you’re able to see.” We always try to do the best we can so you tend to read the smallest line, even if it’s fuzzy and blurry.
So I struggle but manage to read line 8 or 9 and am told, “we where successful!” You know have 20/20 or better. But wait a minute, luckily for me, I realized after the 2nd or 3rd visit that I could read 8 or 9, but could only really see 2 or 3 clearly. So when asked to read the lines now, I only read the lines I can see clearly. It’s got them stratching their heads and wondering what has happened?
I think I’m fortunate in making this observation before they celebrate their success and send me on my way as another satisified customer. I was fortunate to meet other people early enough who had the proceedure that shared the same experience and was able to figure out what was happening. I still think the process was successful as I can see without glasses and read most fine print as long as there is plenty of light. Honestly though, my expectations are much higher and as mentioned earlier, I’m not going to let them start celebrating another success and write me off until I can read lines 8 or 9 clearly!
Again, this may be limited only to people like me who tend to always try to over achieve, but thought that it was worthy of sharing with you, a person who is highly respected and in a position to relay this to a much larger audience!
Thanks again for your time and friendship!”
Ron W.
If you have an experience, positive or negative, to share with our audience, please post your comments here. Please, no advertising or trash talk!
Ron A
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  1. Tom Chambers says:

    I had the LaserPRK surgery done over ten years ago. While it definitely helped with my distance vision they told me up front that at reading distance (i.e. front sight) my vision would still be blurry because of my age. I find that I can still make out the front sight just fine for combat shooting but went the extra mile for competition and had my shooting glasses corrected so my dominant eye can easily (and crisply) see the front sight and my non-dominant eye had a distance correction. it takes a few moments for the brain to sort it out when I first put the glasses on but it works out much better than just corrected for short range with both eyes.

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