Practical Scoped Rifle 200


3 Days


Learn the essential knowledge and skills to use a scoped rifle with confidence. Starting on our standard ranges, we teach you the essential elements of scoped riflecraft. Students will learn strong fundamentals and will shoot from standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone and field expedient positions. We will work with slings, bipods, shooting sticks and improvised rests as well.

We will work in the field on selected skill building exercises from 25 to 400 yards. Information on calibers, bullets, powders, ballistics and other gear help the shooter make good choices in the future and saves a lot of wasted time and money!

An emphasis will be placed on hitting both quickly and well from a variety of positions and conditions. When you are done with this course, you will have a new sense of confidence in what you can really do with your rifle.

Ammunition:         200 – 250 rounds

Intended Target Audience:

This course is intended for adults with a base of rifle skills. Those with no experience with rifles are encouraged to attend our NRA Basic Rifle course.


  Practical Scoped Rifle 200 is designed to strengthen your field shooting skills and, more importantly, your ability to perform under pressure.

 We start with training the critical mental skills necessary to perform well. We will then move into the proper way to set up and tune your rifle for hunting and exterior and terminal ballistics information.

Starting on our standard ranges, we will teach you the essential elements of field riflecraft. Students will learn strong fundamentals and will shoot from standing, kneeling, sitting, squatting, and prone. We will also use shooting sticks and field expedient rests. We will work from sling and field-carry.

We will then move into the field and learn to rapidly identify targets, judge range and wind, assume a strong position and make that critical shot. We will teach you how to clear your mind and focus on the shot. We will work on rapid target acquisition and firing controlled shots at closer distances, longer distance shots up to 400 yards. We will drill your technique to increase your speed and precision and cut out wasted time and effort. We will also have rifles, ammunition and other new and innovative gear to show you and let you try out during your course.

Students are encouraged to wear the gear they would normally carry. Our goal is to make this a fun and instructive course that will teach you things you didn’t know about shooting a rifle under pressure. Practical Rifle Skills is the perfect way to hone your field shooting skills, test and tune your equipment and get ready for your next excursion in the field!

You will need:       A rifle with suitable hunting scope, Bring a caliber that will allow you to shoot out to 400 yards. .243, .308, 25-06, .270 or similar is ideal, 200 – 250 rounds of ammo, some sort of spare ammo carrier, either on rifle or belt, eye and ear protection, clothing to suit the weather, small daypack, water bottle, field notebook, sunscreen etc.


 NRA Basic Rifle or relevant hunting or shooting experience. Call if you are not sure.