Practical Handgun Skills 200

2 Days 


This course raises the bar from Practical Handgun 101 & 102 and is suitable for those that are ready for a higher level of skill with the handgun. This course, along with Practical Handgun 101 and 102, serves as a good prep for Advanced Handgun Skills 250. This course is recommended for law enforcement off-site training as well.


This course differs from Defensive Handgun 1 in that the focus is geared around skill development with the handgun specifically.

 Ammunition:          800- 1000 rounds

 Target Audience:     Intended for armed professionals and civilians that have been through Practical Handgun 101 & 102 or similar. Basic CCW courses or similar are not sufficient.


Building on the foundational skills of Practical Handgun 101 and 102, we start developing a well rounded set of handgun skills suitable for defensive, sporting or competitive use. One of our most popular 2 day courses for students of the handgun. Lots of drills and skills in this course!


  • Grip – High Performance and Alternate Grip
  • Stance – Modern Isosceles/Weaver Stance
  • Sighting Techniques – Introduction to Focal Continuum Shooting
  • Trigger manipulation
  • Standard Ready, Imminent Threat Target Acquisition
  • Combat and Close Quarters Draw Exercises and Drills
  • Firing multiple shots
  • Tactical and speed reloading
  • Stoppage reductions and clearances
  • One Handed Shooting Basics
  •  Multiple Targets
  • Position Shooting
  • Shooting with one limb incapacitated/restrained
  • Shooting from Cover Drills
  • Skill Builder 200 Drills – 0 – 25 yards
  • Principles and Concepts for Shooting on the Move
  • Skills Assessment Course of Fire

 Prerequisites:          Successful graduation from a law enforcement academy firearms program, a good base of handguns skills, Practical Handgun 101 & 102 or similar.

 You Will Need:

Handgun suitable for extended shooting each day, secure holster with a stiff belt for proper drawing skills, minimum of 4 spare magazines,  800 – 1000 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, clothing to suit the weather. Knee and elbow pads are recommended for prone, kneeling portions and other exercises.