Lt. Jeff Hall (Ret.)


Lt. Jeffrey Hall (Ret.) spent over twenty years with the Alaska State Troopers, retiring in 1998.  His career included patrol, traffic, narcotics, warrants, major crimes investigation, and a one-man remote “bush” post.  Hall spent eleven years on the statewide SERT team, operating in perimeter, entry, sniper, and trainer modes, as well as assistant team leader.  He spent nineteen years on the state pistol team, and ten years on the Tactical Dive Unit, where he was a Divemaster.

              Hall is a certified процентная ставка по ипотеке Master instructor in handgun, rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and precision rifle.  He is a certified instructor in defensive tactics, kubotan, baton, OC, less-lethal munitions, SWAT tactics, and distraction devices. 

            Hall is an NRA Distinguished Master, and one of twenty-five Handgun Combat Masters in the world.  He holds black belt ranks in five martial arts, ranking from 3rd to 10th dan.  He is the founder, or “soke”, of Hojutsu-Ryu, the martial art of shooting. Hall holds a fourth dan in Shudo-Kan karate, third dan each in Iae Tate Do, Jujitsu and Kobudo-jitsu, and is currently studying Iaido and Arnis. Hall has been inducted into the Universal, Masters, and U.S. Martial Arts Halls of Fame. One of his primary interests is Integrated Fighting, the blending of hands, feet, sticks, knives, and all firearms into a blended, integrated fighting system. Hall has developed and taught a course in the use of the defensive knife for police officers. Hall has used all of the techniques and tactics he teaches in real-world confrontations.

            Hall is currently an NRA adjunct staff instructor, and teaches for the Alaska, Idaho, and Washington state P.O.S.T. commissions. He is the author of numerous articles in Tactical Weapons, SWAT, Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, Police Marksman, and others. He is the author of two books, soon to be published by Paladin Press. He has a small training and consulting business. He is a firm believer that the only path to success is hard, repetitive, disciplined training under the eyes of masters in any particular field, and that there are no shortcuts!