Practical Handgun 102

1 Day


As with Practical Handgun Skills 101, this is a course designed to increase your shooting proficiency. It is designed to complement Practical Handgun Skills 101 and increase the core skills of the participant as well as prepare them for more advanced training courses in the future. Skills will be adusted to higher levels to reflect a higher skill level.

Prerequisite:              Practical Handgun 101

Ammunition:             500 rounds

Target Audience:     Practical Handgun 101 Students


This course will build upon skills that have been previously taught in Introduction to the Handgun and Practical Handgun Skills 101.

Our expert instructors teach you the knowledge and skills you will need to build your handgun shooting skills to higher levels. This course helps prepare the way for further instruction into advanced level pistolcraft.


  • Review of Skills learned in Practical Handgun 1
  • One Handed Shooting Basics
  • Introduction to Multiple Targets
  • Mid-Range – 15 – 25 yards
  • Position Shooting
  • Shooting from Cover Drills
  • Introduction to Shooting on the Move
  • Practical Handgun 2 Skill Builder Drills
  • Timed Course of Fire – Skills Assessment

You will need:

Safe, serviceable handgun suitable for extended shooting sessions, holster that covers the trigger guard, 500 rounds of ammo, minimum of 3 magazines, eye and ear protection, clothing to suit the weather. Hat with brim is mandatory.