Defensive Handgun 100


2 Days


 Many adults are now seeking defensive training with the handgun. This course is an excellent continuing education course for those that have taken a CCW or other firearms training course and wish to increase their defensive training with the handgun.

This course represents a higher level of training and skill development than the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home or similar.

 Ammunition:                                    500 Rounds    

 Intended Target Audience:          

Suitable for armed professionals, CCW carriers and students seeking tactical and technical proficiency with a handgun. Student should be familiar with their handgun and have a shooting base.


Defensive Handgun represents an excellent intermediate course for CCW carriers and others seeking professional instruction in the use of the handgun for self defense situations who cannot attend our 5 day Defensive Handgun Program.

We focus on training the responsible adult for defensive shooting and concealed carry with the handgun. It is designed for those that have had CCW or other foundational training and experience with the handgun.

Learn to handle, store, maintain and use your port st joe fishing charters prices, safely and with skill. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the most common forms of deadly force situations should you need to defend your life. Learn both the tactics and the mindset necessary to control your opponent and your environment.

This course moves beyond basic concealed carry courses and gives you important skills, training and knowledge. We have had graduates from our programs use these skills to successfully defend their lives in lethal force encounters while others report using the important confrontation management skills to successfully end conflicts without having to shoot.

The course will provide both classroom and range work and will focus on providing highly relevant information as well as a higher level of skill in the following areas:

Classroom lecture will include:

  • Mental preparation and conditioning for lethal force
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment
  • Decision making skills
  • Use of force continuum
  • Legal information  
  • Firearms care, maintenance, storage and carry modes
  • the latest research and information on lethal force encounters
  • Tactical principles for defensive shooting

Live-fire exercises on the range include:

  • Firearms safety in dynamic situations
  • Threat evaluation and risk assessment
  • Proper threat management
  • Verbal and non-verbal techniques for containment
  • Tactical Shooting Skills – Drawing, grip, shooting platforms, combat sighting techniques, close quarter shooting and retention, etc.
  • Tactical sequencing and immediate action drills
  • Using cover effectively and movement with the firearm
  • Dynamic shooting drills for lethal force situations
  • Close quarter shooting, threat management and disengagement and weapon retention.

Tactical training and live fire drills are conducted in a realistic manner to reinforce good habits. Verbal skills and tactics will be used when appropriate. There will be simulations to reinforce use of force decision making.

Alternative weapons such as backup weapons, pepper spray, knives will be covered along with deployment options and fundamental skills.

Prerequisites:        Introduction to the Handgun, CCW course or similar.

You will Need:        Handgun suitable for extended use each day, at least 2 spare magazines, eye and ear protection, suitable holster or holsters for extended concealed carry and range use, sturdy belt that holds the holster firmly, clothing to suit the weather, tactical flashlight (surefire) if you have one.