Advanced Handgun Skills 250

 5 Days


Many of our students consider this one to be the finest course in the world for really building knowledge, skill and experience with their defensive handgun. It blows 2 and 3 day courses out of the water in sheer volume of practice, repetition, knowledge and skill development.

This course represents a new paradigm in terms of tactical shooting skill development with the handgun. Taught by true world-ranked shooters who are professional trainers with real world experience, we teach you the principles of mindset, tactical shooting and marksmanship at the speed of the modern gunfight. If you truly want to grow in skill and knowledge rapidly, this course is for you!

Ammunition:          2000 – 2500 Rounds

SPECIAL NOTE:       Our techniques and training methodology have been proven over and over again in gunfights, training programs and individual performances for many years now with superior results. Our after action reports by students involved in deadly force encounters state that the deadly force shooting they had to perform was just like they did in class. It is not uncommon for our students to report that in actual encounters they were the only ones who made the hits even when multiple shooters/officers were involved.

Target Audience:    

Armed Professionals and Civilians seeking a much higher level of tactical and technical performance and capability with the handgun.


This course teaches tactical shooting skills at the speed of the gunfight. High performance tactical shooting skills are perishable and you can take this course many times and continue to grow in your skills and knowledge. Many of our students do just that!

Our training methodology and techniques are being used worldwide by law enforcement agencies across the US and worldwide by US Government types, military special ops (Navy Seals, US Army Special Forces etc.) and civilian personnel going into harm’s way overseas or elsewhere.


  • Principles of High Performance Lethal Force Shooting
  • The Shooting Skills Hierarchy
  • High Performance Training – Principles and Concepts
  • Grip – High Performance and Alternate Grips
  • Stance – Modern Isosceles/Weaver Stance
  • Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Use of the Visual Field
  • Using the Focal Continuum, Focal Exercises and Drills
  • Trigger manipulation and control exercises
  • Standard Ready, Imminent Threat Target Acquisition
  • Combat and Close Quarters Draw Exercises and Drills
  • Off Axis Threat Acquisition
  • Tactical and speed reloading
  • Stoppage reductions and clearances
  • Bilateral Skills Development Exercises
  • One Handed Shooting
  •  Multiple Shots and Multiple Targets – Advanced Drills
  • Shooting on the Move – All aspects of movement will be stressed.
  • Speed and Tactical Reloading – Concepts and Techniques
  • Position Shooting
  • Unorthodox positions and threat acquisition
  • Manipulations with one limb incapacitated/restrained
  • Shooting from Realistic Cover Drills
  • Skill Builder AHS Drills – 0 – 50 yards
  • Principles and Concepts for Shooting on the Move
  • Optional Course of Fire – Skills Assessment
  • Guns, gear, modifications etc.

If you want to truly take your tactical/technical handgun skills to a much higher level and be prepared for chaotic times and worst case scenarios where you may only have the handgun available then this is the type of training you need to be doing.

There is a skills test at the end of this course to help you gauge your skills and abilities against a world class standard of performance.

You Will Need:

Handgun suitable for extended shooting each day, secure holster with a stiff belt for proper drawing skills, minimum of 4 spare magazines, 2000 – 2500 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, clothing to suit the weather. Knee and elbow pads are recommended for prone, kneeling portions and other exercises.