Upcoming Training Opportunities!

By Ron Avery


Defensive Handgun – Farnum/Avery April 10-11, 2010 Don’t miss out on our advanced defensive handgun course that will feature John Farnum and I!

 Here is an opportunity to train with two of the top professional tactical trainers in the field of defensive firearms training! We will hold it at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. Plan on staying on site to take advantage of the beautiful facility and the opportunity to go wildlife watching, take pictures and wake up to a magnificent outdoor experience! Not to mention evenings with John and I where we can barbecue and talk about all sorts of topics of interest. Click on the link for more course information!

 Also coming up April 21-23 is our new Advanced Shooter Analysis and Remediation course, which will be held in conjunction with our training partner, the SIG SAUER Academy, in Epping, NH. If you really want to get a heads up on how to effectively train folks at all skill levels, basic through advanced, then this course is an absolute must!

 April 24-25 is our Advanced Competition Handgun course which we will hold in the Denver or Front Range area. If you are tired of getting the same results from your efforts and are serious about improving your performance this year then plan on attending this one!

   May 17-21 is our world famous Advanced Handgun Skills Instructor 250  course for law enforcement and military. If you are serious about being the best trainer you can be, you will want the skills and knowledge that this course will provide you with! There is no other course like it for building the skills and knowledge it takes to teach defensive pistol craft!

 May 31-June 4 is our Advanced Handgun Skills 250 course. Many of our students consider this one to be the finest course in the world for really building knowledge, skill and experience with their defensive handgun. It blows 2 and 3 day courses out of the water in sheer volume of practice, repetition, knowledge and skill development. 

Don’t let funding get you down!  We can arrange payment plans that will fit your budget if you or your agency is strapped for funds. Bad guys get worse in a worsening economy. Training still remains a key component of preparation for increased criminal activity or for being the best you can be. Let’s work together for a solution that will work for you!

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