Defensive Handgun 1 in Phoenix, AZ

By Ron Avery

We just finished up our Defensive Handgun 1 course in Phoenix, AZ. This class was hosted by Shooter’s World Indoor Shooting Range at their new outdoor training facility

Learning to shoot, process what is going on and multi-task at speed requires a substantial increase in training and skill development. For two days, students honed their skills, practiced new techniques and learned vital information about what it takes to survive a gunfight. Tactical concepts, legal information, mission requirements and tactical drills and skills were emphasized and reinforced by practical, skill building drills.

Lots of fun, challenging drills and exercises, along with some simulations, put students into a realistic frame of mind and helped condition them to the stress of a lethal force situation.

As every one of them found out, what they thought they could do vs. what they really could do was altogether different and a real eye opener for many. This is why superior training leads to superior results. There are no shortcuts when it comes to gaining and maintaining skill at arms, especially when someone is trying to hurt or kill you!

We had a great time and students were very positive in their feedback! I look forward to going back and doing more training with Shooter’s World.

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  1. Brett Turner says:

    I recently attended Ron’s Defensive Handgun 1 course in Phoenix, AZ and recommend it unconditionally! If you are less than an expert shooter, this course will set you on the right path, and provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills which you can build upon for years to come.

    I have a background as a highly-schooled professional musician, during which time I have been exposed to many world-class teachers, and Ron rates right up there with the best of them. His commitment and enthusiasm to teaching is infectious and you can see that he really loves what he’s doing. Ron’s approach is scientific and methodical, and he’ll have you absorbing new ideas with proven techniques in no time.

    A great reason for taking any kind of training is to “short circuit” your learning process: the course material will help you avoid the inefficient trial-and-error method of learning. I had direct access to Ron and his 30+ years of experience during the class, and he was able to help me with questions I had about my grip, especially as it applied to my specific pistol (Sig P226). He ’solved’ my problems for me immediately with some expert advice (it’ll take some practice, of course), something I had spent many hours researching on the Internet without definitive answers.

    Oh, and forget about the old saying, “Those who can, do, those who can’t teach…” Ron’s skills with a handgun are astounding! However, you won’t spend all day watching him shoot — he always demonstrated important techniques to set the standard for the class — but the emphasis was always on the students performance and understanding of the material presented.

    Thanks for your commitment and dedication, Ron!

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