Farnam/Avery -Advanced Defensive Handgun


2 Days


Join John Farnam and Ron Avery for two days of training with two of the leading practitioners of defensive firearms training at the spectacular NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM!

Ammunition:      800 rounds

Target Audience:

Intended for armed professionals, CCW carriers and serious practitioners of defensive weapons-craft.

Course Description:

In this course, John Farnam and Ron Avery will present their collective experience on defensive handgun training and give you a unique opportunity to learn and grow in your knowledge and skills!


  •  Revue of legal and moral aspects of defensive shooting
  •  Basic/revue range exercises, administrative and tactical skills
  •  Handgun types and systems
  • Criminal justice system
  • Gun possession, storage, travel
  • Self defense
  • E. Range safety, procedure, and commands

 Administrative and Tactical Gun Handling Procedures

  • Operating with skill and confidence
  • Mental conditioning for lethal force shootings
  • Principles of high performance tactical shooting


  • Covering suspects at gunpoint – What to do and what not to do. Exercises to reinforce good habits
  • Live-fire exercises
  • Principles and techniques for defensive shooting
  • A variety of exercises that replicate precisely what you will have to do in a defensive situation
  • Close-range shooting principles and concepts
  • Injured-limb immediate action skills and drills

Low Light

  • Advanced low-light shooting exercises


  • Using it effectively – What to do, what not to do


  • Tenants that dictate when movement is desirable or undesirable

Team tactics

  • Working with a partner, important considerations

Weapons Retention and Disarms 

  • Principles and Skills


Each student provides his own pistols (main and backup), holsters, extra magazines, ammunition, accouterments, baseball cap, safety-glasses, hearing protection, meals, and fluids.