John Farnam on Rifles and the American Citizen

By Ron Avery

From one of my colleagues and friends, John Farnam. He hits the nail on the head, squarely with this one. I too have noted an uptick in the number of concerned citizens wishing for more training in the use of the long gun. Whether it be fear of economic collapse or the rise of tyranny of government, there is an unspoken uneasiness in the hearts of our citizens and they are preparing for an uncertain future.

The following is from John. Let’s hear your thoughts on here!

23 Mar 10

It comes down to Rifles:

Our spiritual ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, fostered the notion of the
warrior/citizen, and the duty of each free citizen to always be armed,
trained,  and ever-prepared to defend the Land.  Individual weapons of war then
were  sword and spear, and they represented the essence of the Warrior.  And,
it  was (then as now) the specter of facing a entire nation of perpetually
armed  patriots, that sends a bolt of terror through the hearts of despots,
petty  potentates, and would-be invaders.

Today, it is the Rifle.  Marines have known and talked of it
unapologetically for decades, that every Marine is a Rifleman first, no matter  what
other piece of high-tech machinery he is trained to run.

When all machines have died, it is the audacious citizen/soldier, armed
with a rifle, who will decide the day, and thus settle the fate of his

I believe it no coincidence that so many courageous Americans are currently
coming to us for competent rifle training, bringing their personally-owned
rifles, eager to learn and exercise, critical skills that every free
citizen  should master, eager to earn the title of “Rifleman,” no matter what
other title  they may have.

In this world, civilizations come and go.  All foolishly believe they  will
endure forever.  None do.  The Test comes for us all, as nations  and as
individuals, the prepared and the unprepared.  Some triumph.   Some perish.
History displays no bias!

In 1907, the winds of war (WWI) were already whispering in Europe, and all
with ears could hear them.  The foolish and naive, of course, ignored them,
as they do today.  In England that year, Henry Lawson wrote this:

“So I sit and write and ponder, while the house is deaf and dumb,
Seeing  visions ‘over yonder’ of a War I know must come
In the corner- not a vision-  but a sign of coming days
Stands a box of ammunition, and a rifle in green  baize*
And in this, the living present, let this Word go through the  Land,
Every tradesman, clerk, and peasant should have these two things at  hand.

No ranting song is needed, and no meeting, flag, nor fuss-
In the  future, still unheeded, shall the Spirit come to us.
Without feathers, drum,  nor riot on the day that is to be,
We shall march down, very quiet, to our  stations by the sea.
While the bitter parties stifle every voice that warns  of war,
Every man should own a rifle and have cartridges in store!”

* “Baize” describes a coarse, cloth wrapping, napped to look like felt,
that was frequently used to pack rifles for long-term storage

Today, without “meeting, flag, nor fuss,” real Americans are also
instinctively sensing the need to have these two items, and the need to know how
to use them.  Thanks to our far-sighted Founders, and the Second Amendment,
we can… and do!

Just as personal liberty and freedom are the birthright of every American,
so honor, fitness, and readiness are ever our individual responsibility.

Never doubt it!

John Farnam

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