Comment on Arizona’s Tough New Immigration Law

By Ron Avery
Just had a chance to read the new Arizona law on dealing with illegal immigration. While I won’t get into the particulars yet of what I think about the law, I will say that they needed to include one extra amendment to the law.
“Be it enacted that no politician, political party, political activist or parties … See Moreacting on behalf of said politician or political party shall make any attempt to solicit, either verbally or in writing, the vote of any person that a common lay person would reasonably believe is here in this country illegally.

Further, all attempts must be made to insure that all persons voting have legal, DOCUMENTED identification cards with them before being allowed to vote.

Said penalty for above infraction by anyone acting for or on behalf of the politician in question, with the knowledge or tacit endorsement of said politician, will be the immediate removal from public office if presently serving or the exclusion of said person(s) from running for public office.

What do you think?

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