Practical Skills for the Real World

Welcome to The Practical Shooting Academy, LLC

PSA Mission Statement:

To teach high performance firearms training and other complementary skills to responsible citizens of the United States.


 Join us and be a part of a whole new way of thinking and performing with firearms.


I believe:

  • In the power of the human will and spirit.

  • You do not need to belong to a certain group or wear a certain uniform to acquire true high performance with firearms.

  • That you should be empowered to learn, analyze and grow in your firearms skills and not have to keep looking elsewhere to find answers.

  • That you can be truly skilled if you are willing to work hard to achieve it.

  • In sharing the knowledge gained from experience and recognizing others who have contributed to that fund of knowledge.

  • In using science to help us understand performance and get better.

  • In the right to keep and bear arms and the lawful and ethical use of firearms.

  • In  shooting as a way of life and as a fundamental right of citizens of a free republic.


 Ron Avery – President, The Practical Shooting Academy, LLC



Our on-site training locations are:

The Tactical Performance Center located in St. George, UT

Private and small group lessons are in Montrose, CO or St. George, UT.

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