Practical Skills for the Real World

Welcome to The Practical Shooting Academy, LLC

PSA Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality firearms training, coaching and support to responsible citizens of the United States of America.

Living Shared Values

psa (emblem) NEW w BGThe right to keep and bear arms and use firearms for the protection of ourselves, our family and our country  as well as  for hunting and other forms of recreation is a fundamental value shared by many people.  For many of us, firearms are as much a part of our identity as our occupation and our family. We embrace shooting as a way of life and as a fundamental right of citizens of a free republic. We believe in the right to keep and bear arms and  encourage the lawful and ethical use of firearms.

True Performance

We believe that performance does not wear a uniform, belong to a certain group nor have to be approved by the different cults of personality that are becoming all too prevalent in our society.  Learning to understand, embrace and  live the values, skills and discipline that it takes to become highly skilled is the true path of excellence. For us, performance is our passion and it is what we live for 24/7.However, it is not about winning trophies as much as it is about preparing for the time when these skills may count in a real world situation when lives depend on our performance. Our standard is world class. We constantly test, analyze, refine and innovate, ensuring we are stay on the cutting edge of performance.    

TPC Handgun Boot Camps and Instructor Boot Camps

Ken Nelson and I run the Tactical Performance Center Academy in St. George, UT. Our training camps cover the full range of both practical and tactical use of firearms. Our training is based on science, real world experience and constant testing and evaluation.We constantly innovate new ways of improving performance and shooting skills for various missions. Our world class methodology and instructors bring the best knowledge, shooting techniques, drills, tactical training and technical expertise to our courses and represent a higher standard of both training and performance. We teach with an incredible amount of attention to detail. We evaluate each aspect of student performance, provide feedback and personalized coaching so you can grow in knowledge, skill and awareness. This translates into superior performance in lethal force or other areas and makes the difference between winning and losing. Whether you are just beginning your journey into the world of firearms or are an experienced  law enforcement officer, soldier, CCW carrier or homeowner; we have a program that is right for you. If you are ready for a whole new level of skill development and training, you have come to the right place.

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