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To Be Your Best…Start Training Like the Best!


Training to the Gunfight Standard

Our research shows that much of the training experienced by the average law enforcement officer, CCW gun carrier and firearms owner does little to prepare them for success when it counts.  The training standards, precision, speed, mental and physical conditioning and tactical skills often don’t yield the results needed to survive the speed, surprise and violent action of.

Since 1989 we’ve provided firearms and tactical training to thousands of real world operators in law enforcement, military and government agency staff as well as civilians.  Many have had to defend themselves in lethal force situations – sometimes against overwhelming odds. They’ve succeeded…and so can you! 


Training Tailored to Your Goals and Style

Our training is based on science, real world knowledge and experience – no hype, myth or legend.  We keep it real; we keep it fun; and we do superior training that you can bet your life on, and protect yourself, your family and your country.  Our training staff and advisors include current and former law enforcement officers, special ops military and others  who have more than just years of experience – they have decades of proven success in defensive and tactical firearms situations, and they apply that experience in training and hand to hand skills to train you to perform in fractions of a second when it counts!  You’ll learn to practice and execute basic skills under realistic, stressful conditions until you can do it without fail when it matters. 

We respect the fact that people have different goals and different learning styles – and recognize that regardless of the end goal, everyone wants to get the most for their investment.  PSA offers a full range of training options from beginner programs to the most advanced tactical and competitive shooting programs.  Each training starts where you are – in skills, mindset, goals and learning style – and treats you not just as a student, but as an adult learner who has a right to understand not just how to do something, but why it works.  This means you can successfully apply what you learn after the training.  

Training to Your Mission

PSA is mission driven – and we deliver specialized training to support your mission:  special operations, law enforcement, patrol, firearms instructors, CCW, security, hunting, fishing,  defensive handgun and rifle programs, long range precision riflecraft, competitive shooting programs in the civilian world, outdoor survival and emergency preparedness courses.  We apply our own knowledge and experience and that of our guest instructors, business partners and tactical/technical advisors to constantly improve the quality and content of our courses.

Unlike many other defensive gun training schools, we apply the benefits of different applications across our programs to enhance your success.  If you’re looking for defensive applications, we’ll use our competition shooting programs as a way of making you better as an operator, allowing you to take advantage of new ways of improving your performance.  If you want to learn to be a better competitor, we’ll help you understand the role tactics play in the design of competitive shooting scenarios.  It’s your choice – and we’re committed to growing your knowledge and skills.


Research-based Training Methods and Curriculum

PSA’s training standards are proven to be among the highest in the industry.  Our courses are taught by top level instructors from law enforcement, military and select civilian backgrounds that have years of knowledge and relevant experience in their areas of expertise.  We supplement our core staff with key business partners and guest instructors to teach courses that bring different perspectives and knowledge to our Academy.

Training for success isn’t a recipe that allows you to put a few ideas together and hope you can deliver when the mix is done.  Effective training means understanding the theory, developing the skills, applying the learning, and being able to effectively perform on demand.  PSA isn’t just about showing you how… we’re about ensuring you can perform, and that you understand why you’re getting the results you do.  Not knowing why means you’ll repeat your mistakes; knowing why means you take control of your own learning and can continue to improve.


Training Benefits with The Practical Shooting Academy

  • Real World Experience
  • Proven World-Class Firearms Skills
  • Top Level Professional Instructors
  • World-renowned Business Training Partners and Advisors
  • Scientific, Research-based Principles
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers

 Ron Avery – President, Director of Training