Former law enforcement officer, world ranked professional shooter, and internationally acclaimed trainer and writer, Ron is one of the first trainers in modern times to apply and adapt scientific principles at a high level to high performance shooting.

His philosophies, training concepts, attention to detail and the use of scientific concepts have propelled him to the top of the charts as a trainer of world class performance for shooters in both tactical and competitive arenas.

His proven ability to teach and communicate with his students at a high level as well as his world class shooting skills set him apart in the training community.

Ron has over 33 years experience as a professional trainer and consultant to all branches of the military, select government agencies, hundreds of federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies and thousands of clients in the private sector.

A veteran deputy sheriff, police officer and  valedictorian of two police academies, Ron worked the street as well as back country and rural environments for 13 years full time and then as a reserve officer for 12 more years. During his years in law enforcement, Avery also served in the following capacities:

  • Program Director and Lead Instructor – Tactical Firearms, Patrol Tactics
  • Program Director and Lead Instructor – Defensive Tactics/Arrest and Control
  • Lead Instructor- Officer Survival
  • Primary Designated Marksman/Sniper
  • Field Training Officer
  • Firearms Expert Witness
  • Back country patrol and Search and Rescue
  • EMS – First Responder

A martial artist, researcher and world class competitive shooter with many wins, titles and top finishes over the past 33 years, Ron has studied the science of shooting, tactical principles & strategy, martial arts programs, adult education, and other disciplines  and created superior training doctrine and programs that are designed for all levels of ability while being easy to learn and courtroom defensible.

He is also a writer for and other publications.